Totally not a date: Punching Skrulls

*Thor and Sif are out having early morning cake of cheese* *Bill born of Bills is yawning in the kitchen, and wondering why exactly the Asgardians are having cheesecake for breakfast*

*he’s just about to mention this to the other cook when he notices that he has turned green*

*Out in the main portion of the restaurant  Thor and Sif can hear the sounds of swearing, yelling, and something that sounds like someone being hit with a frying pan*

*Thor raises an eyebrow* That does not sound like baking to me. *gets up from table in time to see Bill born of Bills come out from the kitchen* *he looks slightly shell shocked* *he’s got a frying pan in his hand that is slightly covered in green blood*

Hey, guys. Did you know our head chef was an alien? At least, I think he was an alien.