Earth CS2: The Dead World

*They have traveled long days through space, and have finally come to a planet. It was once a living planet, one full of organisms that had thrived in an environment with much oxygen. Ferns and horsetail-like plants once grew as tall as trees, and among the creatures that walked the planet were some that had just begun to utilize agriculture*

*It used to be a living world*

*Now, as Thor and Sif set down on the surface, it is dead. It looks as though something touched it and from that single point a withering sickness grew* *everything died*

*A troubled look crosses’s Thor’s face as he looks out upon the dead landscape, the rot of plant life heavy in the air*

This is the third world we have found in such a state. *he toes at a fallen horsetail as thick as his forearm* This sickness is spreading.